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Lean on Me Cane Project ask when requesting a cane that the person or yourself has to use a cane daily. Canes are specialized to each person in order to help increase self-worth, acceptance of the disability and gain confidence. Each of Jen's canes takes over a month to carve with the limited physical capabilities. The Lean On Me Cane Project has Team Carvers over the US that offer their time to design, carve and donate to individuals that request a cane or walking stick. Due to the amount of request and the the time to design a cane there is a waiting list. However, team members have provided canes and walking sticks ready for donation.

Please email your request to caneforme@gmail.com and provide a contact phone number and information about the individual for a requested cane.

“You Are Here” delivers opportunities and services that equip artists and community members to collaborate, innovate and participate in projects that reflect local culture and heritage. These projects will increase individual pride, confidence, and self-worth

Oh, Scrap! is a brand new thrift store for artists opening in June of 2018. Oh, Scrap! is located in Jeannette, in central Westmoreland County, and is housed at the new You Are Here nonprofit art space at 406 Clay Avenue. Our mission at Oh, Scrap! is to inspire creativity and environmentally sustainable art making by providing educational programming and affordable, recycled and reusable creative materials to the community.

Creative reuse centers can be found in many cities and towns. They operate on the thrift shop model of reselling donated items for pennies of the dollar cost of a new item. Low-cost art materials and other items with creative reuse potential are a treasure trove for artists, schools, and community organizations with budget limitations. Westmoreland County has a thriving art scene but the nearest reuse center is in Pittsburgh. Oh, Scrap! will bring thrifty materials for art to central Westmoreland.

Oh, Scrap! is currently looking for donations to build our inventory. Here is a list of the types of items we can accept:
Art and craft supplies and materials and equipment including paints, brushes, pencils, pens, sketchbooks, art papers, canvas and stretchers; ceramics materials, tools and equipment; mat boards, foam core, precut mats and mat cutters; easels, rulers, drafting supplies; small art supply storage containers.
Small musical instruments
Tiny toy figurines, ceramic knick-knacks, undecorated baskets, cigar boxes, spools, cardboard tubes.
Wall paper, posters, and other decorative paper.
Anything from your craft stash such as paper and material scraps (no tiny pieces, please), glitter, craft kits, crayons, markers, Unused and used greeting and postcards
Needlework supplies (sewing, knitting, weaving, etc)—NO CLOTHING
Jewelry making, leatherwork, or other craft supplies.
Books about art, art-making, DIY.
Office supplies.

You get the idea—right? And here are the types of things we CANNOT accept:
NO sheets of glass, oil based paints in cans, anything toxic rusty or leaking, no contemporary computer or electronic equipment, no sport items, no household furniture or clothing, no power tools—got it?? THIS IS A LITTLE ART SUPPLY STORE.
If you are unsure about an item, ask us before you donate it.

Clean out your art studio or craft stash of unused materials and support sustainable creativity in Westmoreland.

To make a donation, to volunteer, and/or to get on our email list, contact Oh, Scrap! at yah406clay@gmail.com and put Oh, Scrap! in the subject line. We will arrange to be here to accept the donation or, in some instances, to arrange pick-up.

Oh, Scrap! is a project of:
You Are Here: a place for art
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