Cane & Walking Stick Collection

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All canes are knife carved

         IRA's Legend           BELL MEMORIAL CANE

Child's Play Walking Cane

In Memory of Pat Wincovitch

Bell's Cane

is made from a 2x4x14 cedar, stands 37 inches high

Child's Play from all sides

Child's Play is carved from 1 piece of oak banister wood.

Each bead is 1 inch.

The walking stick is 40 inches tall


Cubix from all sides 

Photos By Kim Harkobusic

Cubix is 35.5 inches tall

Recycled pine and handle is a door knob from Jeannette Hospital 


Glass Door Handle and recycled table leg used for the base

35 inches tall 



Recycled 100 year old barn wood, 57 inches tall


This is 61 inches tall, The emoji face is around 2.25 inches, and made out of recycled redwood 

Side 1

Side 2


Train is 1 inch big/ overall walking stick is 48 inches tall, 1 1/4 oak banister wood  


Cane is 36 inches tall

made from 1 1/4 oak banister wood

Painted to match the wheelchair. 

Photos By  Kim Harkobusic

Cane Photos  

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Freedom Cane

5ft 7inch tall 1,5 inches wide and made out of banister wood. The topper, Alien inside with lights and a cow being sucked into the UFO

Freedom cane is made with pine banister wood, it is 32 inches tall, the lock is carved from cedar scrap wood and the handle is a door knob 

Come in Peace

King Kong 


Mary Briggs & Jen Costello 

Tranquility Walking Stick is 5'7 and made out of banister wood. Mary created fish and plants out of clay that were fired and painted. The fish tank is 22 inches of PVC piping and resin was layered to suspend the fish. Glass straws are used to support the lights that attach to the handle 

1. full walking stick with holder, 2 koi,  topper, 3 handle, 4 tank, 5 bottom


This video clip was developed to show the amount of detail due to the size of the walking stick. 





Photos of the fish tank

King Kong Cane is 33 inches tall

Made from 2x4 Cedar wood

windows is shelf lining which the windows were drawn on

battery lights added to both sides

Pencil Cane    

Tin Man Walking Cane

Queen Zyair Rose 

This cane is in memory of my Grandma Rose Novak-AKA "The Queen"


48 inches long 2 inches round walking cane, pine 

Walking Stick

50 inches high and 2.5 inches wide

LED lights was inserted in the center of the wood to highlight the tree of life

Just Jen

Selfie Cane, It is me with all my flaws that make me who I am. This cane illustrates my long legs, short waist, leg braces, right shoe lift and a cane. The glasses has plastic lenses and my hat features my nickname.  

One Eyed, One Horned Flying 

Purple People Eater 

Jen Costello and Mary Ellen Raneri 

48 inches tall, cedar and pine wood

Fiber was used on the clouds, hair and flocking for the body

Has a music box that plays the theme song